Modus Operandi ‘Sonic Prayer’ IPA


imageAn interstellar IPA brewed with mind altering amounts of new world hops. Aromatic reverberations of citrus, peach, passion fruit and pine, all followed by an unstinting malt body and bitterness.

Poured out into a shaker, we see a cloudy golden copper with plenty of carbonation bubbling away. There is an off white 10mm head that retains really well leaving a soapy lacing and about 5-7mm head. Aromas of citrus, pine and peach, bitter hops, background tropical fruit, a light malt and little booze at all. First sip is restrained but smooth bitterness, citrus, more and more pine, and cereal malts. Mouthfeel is light on and the body is mild to moderate. It’s a tad watery on the back just slides down way too easy. As we get through this brew there is a decent wall of lacing here. Again the contained bitterness in the mouth is dominating here, with citrus and pine. There may be some mild spice on the tonsils mid way through, or this may just be the bitterness. Alc vol is 6% and its the right amount for this beer. This is an entry level IPA. It’s nice and smooth and not aggressive. Easily consumed in warmer months. It’s just a bit weak in the mouth and needs more oomph.