Akasha Brewing Company ‘Korben D’ Double IPA


15056330_610565829127566_1407308576227915002_n“The Korben D. is an American-style Double IPA saturated with our favourite hops – Mosaic, Simcoe and Centennial. Well balanced between the malt, hops and alcohol with fresh aroma of floral, citrus and pine. Drink Fresh!”

Served in an IPA glass. The appearance offers a hazy amber/orange hue with a rocky two finger head capping it off. It retains reasonably well and weaves a fine lace as it ebbs.
The nose is simply brilliant – its big, dank and spicy with a strong resinous character in support. Quite boozy too, the 8.5% ABV plays a major role in boosting the profile of the bitter grapefruit notes, zesty orange and cocktail-like tropical fruits. We do get a hint of some chewy caramels and biscuity malt sweetness but it’s all about the big and dank hops here!
The mouth feel is predictably full bodied and chewy with a sharp boozy warmth enveloping the palate. Moderate Co2 with an assertive 70 IBU hop bitterness.
There is a big splash of zesty citrus and grapefruit on entry. The malt sweetness is subtle and tries its darndest to balance but the advancing warmth from the booze trumps it and ushers in the assertive hop bitterness midway. Dank, piney resins then lead in to a super dry and bitter finish that displays a somewhat grassy and vinous character on the rear.
We know that Dave would probably hang us for this but the resemblance to the cult-like 777 here are amazing (and most hop heads would know how good that is). It’s now too hard to say which one is better. What we do know is that Akasha have absolutely nailed this DIPA. Top shelf stuff.