Modus Operandi ‘Southern Hemisphere’ BIPA – Black label 3 of 3


64DE2FB0-96BF-460A-952E-365D7023378CGlassware: Poured into a shaker glass

Appearance: Mat black with a dark cream, soapy 10mm head that fizzes due to the carbonation from below. Retention is relatively good, with the head bottoming out leaving a sudsy rim around the glass. As we drink there is patchy lacing down the glass at best.

Aroma: Lots of sweet roasted malts, caramels, smoke, chocolate, tropical hops like passion fruit, guava, spice, earth and resin. Smells similar to a Six Strings IPA and the Cascadian Howl by MO. Obvious Galaxy hops in here.

Flavour: Initial whack of bitterness and roasted malts, ash, dark chocolate, liquorice, and espresso. Not as sweet now on the palate. More drying and bold. After a few sips the initial bitterness eases off and the smoothness of the dark roasted flavours blends with the juicyness of the hops. We get pine, mild passion fruit, and also a touch of white wine and spice on the back palate. Good length and it allows you to savour it.

Mouthfeel: Touch of creaminess with a body that’s moderate only. The alc vol is 6.9% and it drinks amazingly well as it’s barely detectable. No IBU stated here. The bitterness and the savouriness alongside the sweetness work well.

Overall: This beer is a spin off of the US inspired Cascadian Howl, but using hops from Australia and NZ. It’s not as strong or full bodied as the Cascadian Howl but it’s just as delicious. There is just as much roast and the hops carry them really well. There is a touch more white wine but it does so in a subtle way that still allows the tropical hops to shine. Would buy again.