Moon dog ‘Black lung IV’ American oak aged smoky stout

imageThis ominous-looking beer is the 4th addition to the black lung series. If the 3rd was anything to go off then we’ll sure be in for another sturdy stout!

Served in a beer tulip the impenetrable black appearance pours like motor oil with no head whatsoever. Even a vigorous whirl of the glass can’t even manage any bubbles. We’re worried as the capping didn’t have any gas pop at all, this may be somehow flat. Either way, we proceed. The aroma is incomprehensibly pungent with this strange scent of methylated spirits? This proper sting in the nostrils would be down to the 9.1% ABV and it pains us to say that it is horrible. The peated malt, smoke and ash in the background lends a little help but it’s futile. In the mouth it’s oily and flat as a tack. The body is quite full despite the lack of any discernible fizz. Upfront a firm alcohol burn couples with the taste of ash and faint earth. Smoke ensues, carrying the astringent alcohol burn with it and eventually fades leaving soft hints of smoke and charred wood in the finish. We honestly don’t know whether this is somehow flat or it’s brewed to be like this, what we know is from a few other reviews we’ve sussed out, carbonation isn’t a problem so it must be our bottle. We are pouring this out and if we come across it again we’ll re-review.