Bristol Beer Factory double IPA


image“At 8.5%, its one of the best examples of this style of beer that you are likely to taste. It’s all about the hops & so in addition to the normal hop additions for bittering & late addition we have added to 2 dry hop additions post fermentation to really ram home the message.
The blend of Simcoe, Citra, Amarillo and Centennial hops really give you the full American Double IPA experience whilst keeping the bitterness very clean and crisp. Hop aromas are one of the first characteristics of a beer that diminish so it is essential to drink this beer fresh, as close to the bottling time as possible, this is the reason why we put the date that is bottled as well as a best before date.
330ml bottles left only.”

This brew is from the UK and is a limited edition brewer’s beer for the adventurous. It uses simcoe, citra, Amarillo and centennial hops. We like the sound. Pouring a fairly clear golden copper colour into a tulip glass with virtually no head. Minimal lacing on the glass. Aromas are strong in tropical fruit and stone fruit. Definite booze hit. The taste showcases the floral sweet hops here particularly peach and apricot, mild mango, and grapefruit. Sweet malt present here to disguise the 8.5% alc vol. This is present all the way through. The mouth feel has medium carbonation and lingering bitterness but no where near as strong as other DIPA’s we have had. It is quite smooth to drink. We think there is a bit too much sweetness here and as such a tad unbalanced, but again it is very smooth to put down. We like it, it’s just not exceptional.