Leffe Tripel


image“Leffe Tripel is an authentic blond abbey beer full of character that experiences a secondary fermentation in the bottle due to the presence of yeast. Its flavour is robust and refined”.

For almost 800 years Leffe has been brewing from the same recipe, I mean you don’t have to be a big fan of history but that is simply amazing. The beer we are about to consume is almost the same brew as one of the Monk brewers would have drank back in the mid 1200’s. Absolutely incredible thought. Served in a beer tulip the heavily clouded orange pour produced a 1 finger head before reducing to a halo around the edge of the glass. Mild lace. All those lovely Belgian, yeasty aromas are on show here as we revel in the abundance of banana, orange, pear, caramel, clove, brown sugar and alcohol. In the mouth it’s smooth with a creamy texture. The carbonation is quite mild and the body is full without being too heavy. Upfront the taste buds are treated to a short burst of banana, caramel and spice. Cutting through is a subtle alcohol warmth that settles through the mid-palate and provides a very sweet finish of caramelised sugar and candied pear. The 8.5% ABV is actually very well behaved, only really there offering support in the background of the aroma and flavour. Overall this was a pretty good Tripel from one of the better known Belgian Abbey breweries.