Moon dog ‘Jumping the shark’ 2013 Cognac barrel-aged truffled imperial stout


imageFrom the very edge of craft brewing comes this adventurous imperial stout. This brewery has quickly notched it’s way up to be one of our most favoured Australian brewers, and it’s ominous-looking beers like this one that has propelled it in to our top 3.

Served in a beer tulip the dense black pour generates a thin tan head that simmers away to a halo without lacing. The complex aroma shows a moreish mix of alcohol, oak, plum, subtle spice, cognac, dough, vanilla, and dark chocolate. Wow, amazing aroma there is so much going on in here. In the mouth it feels quite heavy with an oily texture. Medium carbonation. The body is on the lighter side which lends a little balance. We found the cognac component was shown through the booze content (15.4% which by the way makes this the strongest beer we have ever tried) and accentuated even further by the earthy addition of truffle. A firm sweetness is detected around the mid-palate while the remaining flavours of molasses, caramel, fruitcake and raisin are somehow back seat drivers in this amazingly complex stout. We could go on all day, but we will finish by saying this….. Be careful. Be VERY VERY careful. And enjoy, of course.