Murray’s Craft Bewing Co. ‘Thunderbolt’ IPA


14463228_573152939535522_42143174831914203_n“Murray’s Thunderbolt IPA is our hoppiest IPA yet! Packed full of Columbus, Mosaic and Equinox hops throughout the brewing process, then significantly dry hopped in the fermenter, Thunderbolt has an intense aroma and flavour of citrus, pine and tropical fruit. The firm bitterness is rounded out by the sweetness of caramalts and alcohol. A beer to be enjoyed with care.”

Served in an IPA glass. Thunderbolt pours to an attractive rose complexion with a finger of fluffy khaki foam topping it off. Retention is pretty good as it stubbornly recedes to a fine film and weaves a streaky lace pattern down the walls of the glass. Pow! The intensity of this aroma almost knocked us off our bar stools. It’s seriously dank with wave after wave of these resinous, piney punches that invade the olfactorys. A solid presence of booze (7% ABV) helps it along as juicy tropical notes of mango, pineapple and lychee pair up with the bitterness of grapefruit and the sweetness of passionfruit. Quite sticky too – those candy-like toffee/caramel tones balance out the big and dank fruity hops brilliantly. Wow! Absolutely superb aroma. The mouth feel is dry and a little sharp but that is quickly eased as it transitions in to a nice and smooth swallow. Can’t find an IBU but it is very well disguised. Medium body, good Co2. The front palate showcases an incredible balance between dank, resinous and fruity hops against the backdrop of sweet caramalts. This marriage it creates on the palate is delicious and simply mind blowing. As it progresses the assertive bitterness intensifies, setting off a crescendo of fruity flavours as it all graciously rounds out on to a dry, hoppy and dank finish with excellent duration. Let us finish by saying wow! We can now understand exactly why this IPA took out Australian champion IPA at the 2016 CBIA awards. Kudos, Murray’s your best beer yet!