Murray’s ‘dark knight’ porter


murrays_darkKnight“While it may not enable you to traverse between buildings courtesy of a grappling gun or supply you with the keys to the Batmobille, Murray’s Dark Knight Porter will deliver an unprecedented flavourful dark ale that simply means business. Made from six speciality malts, this brew is full bodied, rich and complex. With a a dark ruby colour topped with an off-white creamy head, Dark Knight has an aroma of toffeed caramel and high cocoa dark chocolate. Riddle me that!”

Served in a beer tulip. The appearance is dark with a faint suggestion of mahogany when held against the light. Over the top sits a loosely packed head at about one fingers height, slowly reducing to a very fine covering with wet, streaky lace trails being omitted. The aroma is offering up the typical four to the floor – dark roasted malts, chocolate, cocoa and subtle coffee. We’re also detecting a slight hint of lactose with that phenolic cherry wine vinegar that we sometimes get from porters. Quite conservative but all there to be enjoyed. In the mouth it’s slightly thin with an oily texture. The Co2 levels are mild with the body about mild-medium. Upon entry we get light toasted malts, cocoa, ripe cherry and a faint hint of metal. As it moves forward through the mid a heavier roast develops leading to the smooth chocolatey finish. The length is reasonable. Only 4.5% ABV which is quite low for a porter. Look, we love Murrays but for us, this one didn’t really hit the spot. It is a palatable beer but we were after a bit more body, more roast and a bit more oomph. Plenty of better beers on offer from this institution.