New England Brewing Co ‘Ship In A Bottle’ IPA


29216022_828601480657332_2036767366863388672_n“This IPA blends the English IPA tradition, supersized the American way with a Belgian yeast and punchy New Zealand and German hops. The blend of styles delivers a straw coloured body of lemon, lime, pepper and herbs, with a dry finish and a hint of resin. A cargo of fruit and spice – a ship in a bottle in a can.”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Hazy amber-orange glow. The head swells to about three fingers then slowly peels back to a thick overlay. Laced well.

Aroma: Interesting to say the least. The two dominant scents would be the tangy orange citrus and earthy spice. Plenty of herbals/botanicals, mandarin, flora, lemon/lime and yeast esters – something that’s fairly rare in an IPA, although it can be said that this IPA offers quite a mixed origin of ingredients.

Flavour: Again, very interesting. Mostly citrus on the front end with a suggestion of peppery spice and herbs. Strident grapefruit acidity kicking in to hear midway and leading in to the dry, bitter and citric finish. Showing plenty of legs as well.

Mouthfeel: Quite sharp and acrid. The 6.8% ABV shows through, as does the 50 IBU’s. Medium body and co2.

Overall: This really is the ultimate global IPA. It uses English tradition, American influence, Belgian yeast, German, Japanese and NZ hops and brewed by an Australian brewery. It’s around the world in one can!