Ocho Beer ‘Lusty Winter’ Porter


24177168_778622405655240_2045173796676207320_n“A thundering great Baltic Porter with dark malty character and a winey, bittersweet finish..This is a Baltic Porter of Shakespeare proportions.”

Served in an English pint. It hits the glass with a slightly penetrable black hue. It generates a short tan head that slowly peels back to a film. Some fine lacing as we go.
There’s certainly a few interesting scents here. It all works off a solid base of roasty and bittersweet dark malts but the most noticeable aroma would have to be this sweet candy-esque scent….maybe marshmallow? There’s definitely a raw coffee bean accent to it as well but it’s not your typical robust Arabica or Italian espresso, it has a sweetness to it which reminds us of the Indonesian Kopi Lowak variety which is known more for its post-digestive process! Unique.
Similar traits in flavour too. It’s working off that roasty/toasty malt structure in to a sweet musk and or marshmallow note. Again that sweet but raw coffee bean comes through along with an assertive hop bitterness in support. Nice carry in to the dry, bitter and roasted finish. Showing some decent legs as well.
The texture is dry, bitter and a little sharp. Booze weighs in at 7.3% and doesn’t really try to hide it either. Medium body and co2.
Look the candy and semi sweet coffee notes are a good touch but it just falls short on wowing us. It ain’t a bad porter by any means but is it memorable?…probably not. Keen to try more from their range though.