Omnipollo/Buxton Original Rocky Road Ice Cream Porter


22780220_762307777286703_6731028465124056034_n“Part of Omnipollo/Buxton Original Ice Cream Series that took off in 2014. This is a pecan caramel Porter brewed with caramel sauce, vanilla and lactose. Delicious.”

Served in a snifter. Pitch black appearance. The pour stirs up a short brown head that gradually dispersed. It settles to a ring which still manages to deposit a healthy lace as we imbibe.
Really getting those marshmallow and chocolate notes punching through. Picking up a strong scent of peanuts with undertones of coconut and subtle cherry as well. Plenty of vanilla and caramel sweetness, assorted nuts and molasses to tie it all together. Hitting that rocky road note nicely.
Flavour wise….we’re not so sure. All of those true marshmallow, cherry and chocolate aromas seem to take on a more artificial and slightly cloying flavour profile. The booze (10%) is injected with ferocity which unfortunately further supports the artificial character. We also get a slightly salty note too….which is a little weird. Nice finish though, good amount of roast, bitterness and sweetness.
Quite a dense and rich feel in the mouth, low co2, medium-full body and well warming. Certainly isn’t as accommodating as the Noa or pecan pie.
Yeah we’re not completely sold. The rocky road qualities come through well on the nose but not so much in flavour. It’s a bit boozy as well but it’s an imperial so that can be excused. Considering the quality of the rest of the ice cream range this one doesn’t really compare. Probably more on the same level as the ice cream pale ale. Good but not great.