Cupitt’s Whey Porter


22554812_762305630620251_4936549119854632730_n“A full bodied Porter brewed using lactose rich Whey from Cupitt’s Fromagerie. The palate is smooth and creamy, with nice roasted flavours and a sweet, milk chocolate finish.”

Served in a beer tulip. Pours quite a dark cola hue with a fizzy two finger head that collapsed to a ring almost immediately. Lacing is scarce and spotty as we imbibe.
Very sweet and creamy initially, definitely getting the lactose, vanilla and whey characters leading out. There is a good balance being struck here though, picking up a firm roast, dark chocolate and coffee with a kind of syrupy caramel and or toffee undertone. Really liking this subtle but aromatic fusion of sweet milk sugars and dark roasted malts. Lovely aroma.
There’s a nice transition on to the palate. All of those sweet and creamy milk sugars, vanilla and whey characters are offset by the dark, lightly roasted malts which offer a delicious blend of coffee, chocolate, caramel and cocoa….almost has this chocolate milkshake quality to it. The booze is low (4.2%) which further supports that impression.
The texture is light and slightly fizzy with medium-high carbonation. Mild-moderate body, slightly short in length.
This brewery has only been in operation for a short time, more widely known as a winery, a fromagerie and a great place for food even before the word brewery is mentioned. They must be super busy because if they can also pump out a delicious range of beers then they literally have all bases covered! Kudos Cupitts.