Lost Coast Brewery ‘Fogcutter’ Double IPA


22554752_762305143953633_7930084252613813275_n“Buckle up, buckaroo – you’re about to go on a wild, hoppy ride. The Fogcutter is our first true double IPA, and it’s quite the work of art. Yeah, it’s bitter, but it’s supposed to be. And the variety of malt flavors and aroma help balance it all out, as any good DIPA deserves. The bright, citrusy nose is born from the extra dry-hop from Cascade, Centennial, Crystal, Chinook, and Citra hops.”

Served in an IPA glass. It hits the glass with a hazy amber orange hue. It forms a thumb of white foam over the top which peels back to a thin sheet but still works a magnificent lace pattern down the sides of the glass.
The nose is super sweet, super fruity and floral with a strong showing of candied orange, sherbet, Cointreau, pine resins, passion fruit and tangerine. Some tropical notes in here too – lychee, pineapple and guava. Quite a firm herbal aspect in here too: tea leaf, grassy hop and maybe a hint of lemongrass. Nice range.
The flavour hits that American IPA note with pin point precision. Big grapefruit kick upfront followed up by a fusion of orange blossom, candy and pulp. Pine resins, white pepper, subtle caramel malt and a hefty hop bitterness is in support. Nice carry though the mid rolling in to an ultra dry finish with grassy notes, a pinch of spice and some warming alcohol in the tail.
Slick but ultimately dry and astringent in the mouth. The 80 IBU is well represented. Medium co2 with a discernible 8.7% ABV.
Gotta love a traditional American west coast IPA don’t you! This beer isn’t bringing anything new to the table, it just has the basics dialled in – big fruity aromas, bitterness, citrus, tonnes of hops and a bit of booze to seal the deal.