Two Birds Brewing ‘Knock On Wood’ BA Belgian Blonde


22780291_762304763953671_1660180611813551713_n“This Limited Release beer was brewed in honour of the Two Birds 6th Anniversary, traditionally marked with the gift of wood. For the occasion, a Belgian Blonde Ale was aged in French Oak barrels, previously used to age wine. Knock on Wood is peachy, spicy and complex with vanilla oak notes and a touch of funk. Perfect for celebrating special moments and days worth a cheers.”

 Served in a Trappist tulip. Crystal clear and amber in appearance. The pour arouses a puffy two finger head that steadily recedes and settles to a dense film. Seeing some soapy lace work as it ebbs.
The aroma opens with a strong floral note, candi sugar, heady spices, musty oak, vanilla and a light citric funk. It offers quite the vinous character too – like a blend of young chardonnay and champagne…surely due to the time spent on French oak barrels. Plenty of fruity esters, yeasty phenol and saison-like funk here. Not bad.
Interesting flavour profile. It follows the nose in terms of citric sourness, esters and oak but there’s a certain earthy and or woody accent that wasn’t as easily detectable in aroma. Good impressions of stonefruit sweetness – white peach, nectarine. Subtle and semi sweet malt structure with a light, funky finish which provides hints of spice and woody oak tannins on the rear.
The texture is quite light on, approachable and balanced with a very vibrant co2. 7.1% ABV is well concealed and the sour qualities are nice and mild.
Not too shabby for a couple of birds (pun intended) from west Melbourne! Certainly isn’t short on character. Some extra complexity thrown in from the barrel aging process as well. Solid offering.