Pikes Oakbank beer Pilsner


image“A traditional Pilsener style, medium to light amber in colour, fresh and very aromatic. Displaying citrus and fruity notes derived from super premium hop usage and complimented by high quality 100% malted Australian barley. It finishes clean and crisp with a hint of bitterness adding length and texture.”

First thing we liked about this beer was the traditional old style label. Some people may not agree but we thought it was eye catching. Our only worry is the green bottle!! Served in a shaker glass the translucent golden pour produced a small half inch cap that slowly dissipates to a rim of foam around the side of the glass. Minimal head retention. Unfortunately our fears of the green bottle have become a reality as we detect a slight waft of wet cardboard which usually means the liquid has been light struck. Quite common with clear and green bottles. Nevertheless, there are still nice grassy hop undertones along with hints of biscuity malts and grain. The mouth feel was smooth with a lively medium-high carbonation. The flavour consists of grassy hops, grains, biscuit and pilsner malts. Not a great deal of body but to be fair there never really is when dealing with super sessional lagers like these. 4.5% ABV is about on par. In summary it’s a decent enough lager, could easily sit on this for a long session on a hot afternoon. Just another lager.