De Los Muertos ‘Immortal beloved’ hefeweizen


imageWe’re still a little undecided about what we think of this brewery. On the positive side, it’s quite hard to get your hands on a Mexican craft beer, what, with all the rubbish like Corona and Sol around, so it’s encouraging to see. Unfortunately we are yet to come across a beer in their range that has impressed us but we keep persevering.

Served in a weizen glass the translucent golden pour produced a fizzy 1 finger head before instantly collapsing to nothing with no lacing at all. Even a sturdy twirl of the glass doesn’t arouse much foam. What it does do, though is lift some nice, fruity perfumes out of the glass. Banana dominates while hints of clove, fruit salad, vanilla and bubblegum taking the back seat in this surprisingly decent aroma. The mouth feel was a touch watery with mild carbonation. Quite light on. Upfront a creamy hint of banana and vanilla come forward. Some light spice develops through the mid-palate which is rounded off by a sweet, wheaty finish. Overall it’s a little thin and delicate. 5.5 % ABV is higher than we were expecting but it’s very well hidden. Plenty of better hefeweizen’s on the market but it’s definitely not a bad attempt at a traditional German brew, but regrettably we still are yet to find that brew from these guys that blows us away.