Prickly Moses otway ale


image“A medium bodied ale which is light amber in colour, derived from the use of caramel malts. A refreshing but appetizing beer with toffee and caramel flavours balanced nicely with a blend of traditional English hops for bittering and American hops for aroma. The all malt ale is warm fermented which adds some complexity to the beer and leads to a fruity aroma which compliments this particular style of beer. (4.9%)”

Much to our surprise we actually picked this bottle up from Wynwood estate in the Hunter Valley. There’s really no better surprise when you’re out hitting the vineyards than stumbling across an establishment that offers fine wine and craft beer sampling too.

Served in a shaker glass, the clear amber appearance is capped off with a conservative one finger head which peels off to a collar with reasonable lacing. The first thing we pick up off the aroma is this strong scent of yeast. There is also hints of sweet, bready malts, pear, toffee, earthy hops and a touch of citrus. Slightly bland. In the mouth it has a smooth, silky texture with mild-moderate carbonation. Very light on. Up front we taste a mild fusion of sweet malts and fleshy, green fruits (pear, apple, grapes). Only a very light bitterness is flowing through, really could do with a bit more. Not a great deal of depth either as the same flavours round out the finish with a hint of toasty malt lingering on the back palate. 4.9% ABV. Look, it’s your standard English style pale ale. All malt with a sweet, slightly cloying addition of pear. A little earthy. Disappointing really, we probably wouldn’t go back for another in a hurry.