Renaissance ‘craftsman’ 2013 Chocolate oatmeal stout


imageThis NZ brewery is on the brewery must visit list for us, we can’t wait to check it out! Served in a beer tulip the mat black pour whips up a creamy 2 finger head that quickly reduced to a thin dusting of tan foam on top. OK lacing at best. Aroma is gorgeous we are detecting a lovely balance between creamy and bitter scents of chocolate, coffee, oats, cocoa, vanilla and roasted biscuit and crystal malts. We were expecting a slightly heavy texture but the mouth feel is surprisingly light and creamy with moderate body and full-ish flavour. Very approachable stout so far. The flavour is delicate but delicious…full of chocolate, coffee, roasted malts, caramel¬†and a subtle nutty finish. Maybe a mild hoppy dryness on the back palate offers good length and body.¬†There is definitely no hostile or assertive characters here just a really smooth beer, and easy to drink. At 6.5% ABV the overall balance was good. This stout would go hand in hand with barbecued meats or decadent deserts. A very inviting offering.