Rogue ‘voodoo doughnut’ Lemon, chiffon crueller ale


imageWow..we absolutely love these pink bottles with such eye catching graphics. Almost makes the beer more attractive. Anyhow we digress. This latest brew from the masters at Rogue uses lemon juice, lemon extract, vanilla beans, vanilla extract, and marshmallows.

Pouring into a tulip glass there is a cloudy orange hue to the beer with a foamy 20mm head that slowly fades to nothing at all, and no lacing on glass. There is faint carbonation rising up. First aromas are sweet malt, vanilla, candied lollies, sugar frosting and lemonade. There are very minimal hop aromas here, and on the bottle states the use of perle and sterling hops (which are mild). Mouth feel is light to medium bodied, with little carbonation. Swishing around the mouth we get a light bitterness from the hops, but we also get flavours of sugar, lemon, vanilla, sweet malt, and subtle mint hit on the back palate. There is a 6.8% alc vol here but there is no evidence of that, and credit to the brewing process. Overall, we loved the bacon, maple edition but this is a very drinkable “dessert beer”. So many flavours going on, and you can imagine ‘eating’ this beer, and this is obviously what the brewers have tried to emulate. Time to buy a lemon cake. Good job rogue, please do more of this voodoo doughnut range.