Sierra Nevada ‘Nooner’ Pilsner


12809526_484088641775286_2674391683018829413_n“Gather your friends, pack the gear, and head out to wherever the day may take you. A midday go-to, Nooner is our take on the classic German-style pilsner—one of the original session beers. Nooner is easy drinking yet packed with the big flavor of spicy and floral whole-cone hops. Its brilliant golden color begs you to take a sip and sink your taste buds into an extremely welcoming beer, full of flavor and balanced by a crisp, dry finish.”

Served in a footed flute glass. Slightly pale gold in colour with a short white head that peels back and retains a thin sheet on top. Wavy lace trails are left clinging to the walls of the glass as we imbibe. We get a fresh and lifted scent of spicy and herbal Saaz hops initially. Definitely a floral aroma here that works nicely in to this deep seated honey character as grains and glazed crackers flow through this gorgeous, summery aroma. A perfect accompaniment on this warm and sunny Sydney day. The texture is super light, smooth and flowing. Carbonation levels are spot on and the decent body provides that much needed depth that a lot of other Pilsner’s seem to lack. Upfront we taste grains…lots and lots of grains along with crackers, spicy hops and that delicious honey sweetness we mentioned in the aroma. A hint of herbal hops creep in but this delicious honey flavour extends from the front palate across the mid and delivers a crisp, dry and slightly grassy finish. We’re somewhat enjoying a rekindled relationship with Pilsner’s of late. Whether that’s down to the brewers really nailing the style recently or the light, crisp and summery nature of the style that matches so well with hot, summer afternoons. We’re not sure. What we are sure of, though, is that this beer is bang on. A delicious and highly sessional new world Pilsner. A definite thumbs up from us.