Steamrail brewing co. ‘hops dropper’ pilsner


imageThe Steamrail brewery is another one of these contract brewers we see popping up here and there. Similar to how Sail & Anchor was contract brewed for Woolworth’s, Steamrail brewery is contract brewed for Coles. Another huge conglomerate trying to tap (excuse the pun) in to the craft beer market, although we’re still yet to find a beer from this brewery that we’ve liked. But, we keep on persevering.

This one we poured into a flute glass, the body displayed a translucent gold with a compacted white head that reduced to a collar with hardly any lacing shown. The aroma is nice and simple, quite crisp. There’s a good balance of sweet/cereal malt and spicy Saaz/Noble hop aroma. Undertones of grain, biscuit and a refreshing hint of citrus. Maybe a slight hint of DMS coming through. In the mouth it’s mildly carbonated with a silky soft mouth feel. A little thin. Not a lot of body either, very light on. A slightly metallic fore flavour with some hints of lemon, grain and cereal forming in the mid-palate. Quite a soft citrus finish with short length. 4.5% ABV. To be honest we’re thinking dull and lacking character. On the bright side, its session ability is good and it would be great on a hot day. Just didn’t cut the mustard with us.