Surry hills ‘pils’ pilsner


image“It’s old, really old. But it’s where you find all things fresh, lively and new. Big, bold contrasts: that’s what we love about Surry Hills. And this superb new pilsner. Things that in theory shouldn’t work so well together, do, and wonderfully.”

This is our first crack at Surry Hills brewery, situated in the heart of Sydney city. We served in a flute glass as we are greeted with a pale, straw-golden pour with an ever so slight haziness. Lots of active bubbles stream up to a compacted white head that persists but eventually reduces to a fine layer on top. Laced well. What we like is the initial hop-forward aromas we are receiving here. Steady herbal scents blend nicely with citrusy hops, bready malts and grain. Medium carbonation mixes with a lively hop bitterness which is delicately counteracted by the malt presence on the palate. Medium bodied. Bready malts upfront with a hint of dry grains. We also picked up a slightly fruity hop profile that develops mid way through and lingers well on to the back palate. Reasonable length. Super sessional beer. Very approachable and with a 5% ABV it possesses that little extra punch. Not a bad attempt at all..for us, a good start to this brewery. Keep it up lads.