Prickly Moses ‘chainsaw’ Stella-Australian wheat beer


imageThis is our 4th installment for this brewery and every beer we have tried so far has been top notch. Quite an innovative little establishment too, as we have said before they have the brewery set up on the winery and it’s going gangbusters, consistently releasing new beers all the time. They have succeeded in making it on to our ‘must visit’ list for Australian breweries.

Served in a weizen glass. This one pours a slightly hazy, straw gold with a decent finger and a half’s worth of off-white foam that slowly peels away but holds at about 5mm. Good head retention, allowing some sudsy lace trails to be omitted. Woah we’d have to admit we weren’t expecting the depth and complexity we’re experiencing here. Gorgeous aroma consisting of fruity yeast esters (banana/pear), candy sugar, lemon drops, tropical fruity hops and spice. Watery mouth feel with mild-moderate carbonation. Quite light on, not a lot of weight to it but on the plus side it’s super sessional. From the flavour we picked up slight hints of spice, fruity hops, citrus notes and wheat that round off with a light, dry finish with a suggestion of fruity hops on the back palate. Very refreshing and and a highly palatable beer from this class brewery. An on par alcohol percentage (4.8%) adds to this beers well rounded and palatable flavours. Great stuff.