The Little Brewing co. ‘Stab In The Dark’ Imperial Porter


12068964_439266119590872_3901501001560956677_o“As black as midnight while exhibiting the aromas and flavours of morning. Aromas of espresso, mocha, and chocolate; leather and tobacco leaf too. Flavours of chocolate and coffee in a rich, oily and lusciously smooth body before a long, rich and spirituous finish. Brewed for GABS 2015.”

It’s been a long time between drinks for us and this top shelf brewery from Port Macquarie, NSW. Again, like the last few seasonal’s, this imperial porter deserves credit for some really artistic work on the strip. Looks good. Served in a snifter glass and pouring blacker than the ace of spades with a frothy two finger head to cap it off. It tried to retain but eventually recedes, establishing a thin film on top. Wet, streaky lacing is left clinging to the glass. The nose is robust and extremely rich. Molasses sweetness certainly comes through the strongest while roasted espresso notes and dark chocolate are there backing it up. Firm wafts of licorice, tobacco, charred wood and leather are all complimented by a subtle alcohol warmth that gives the olfactory a good old tickle. Strong start to this porter so far. In the mouth it’s velvety smooth with a sharp astringency from the 9.1% ABV. Co2 levels are mild and the body is medium-full. Surprisingly smooth for a beer of it’s strength though. The palate opens up with an acute sweetness but it’s very nicely balanced by a rich roastiness that offers notes of espresso and cocoa. The aggressive alcohol burn encompasses the fore-flavour and nurses it through the mid. A delicious hint of dark chocolate forms late on and delivers a rich, roasted finish that provides lengthy duration on the back end. Extremely rich and sweet with an evident alcohol warmth is the best way to sum this up. We would really only recommend this to well-seasoned, adventurous craft beer drinkers. If you love an intense, dark, roasted beer (like us) then get amongst it because this is absolutely moreish. Rich, warming, intense (there’s that word again) and packed full of flavour. Another tip of the hat to Waz for another pearler of a beer.