To OL ‘Peardon My French’ Saison


13055431_507043339479816_7674714848352938382_n“Cider-like Saison brewed with Pears and aged on Sauterne barrels. This crisp ale is straw coloured and sparkling using only Pilsner Malt and Unmalted Wheat, however we used Cider yeast ¬†and brewed it with Pears and used Calypso hops, to layer this beer with fruit flavours. This beer was then infused in Sauterne barrels, a sweet French wine, with Brett added into the barrels.”

Served from a 750ml bottle in to a beer tulip. The clear golden hue is capped off by a billowing three finger crown that’s retained really well. As the head retreats a smattering of thick, blotchy lace is left clinging to the walls of the glass. Quite a strong aroma here, definitely getting a lot of fruits coming through. A good whack of ripe citrus, custard apple, pear and white grapes balance out the slightly dry and dusty barnyard characters. A hint of yeasty funk imparts spicy notes of pepper and clove along with a subtle breadiness. Maybe a light undertone of oak as well. Really nice aroma, well layered too. In the mouth it’s silky smooth with a somewhat gelatinous texture. Acidity is mild for a saison and the Co2 is moderate. Not overly heavy although there is some weight adding good body and fullness to it. The flavour follows on from the aroma nicely. A certain citrus tang hits the palate along with ripe orange, a hint of grapes and a mild oaky tannin upfront. A delicate Bretty funk then develops as suggestions of fleshy pear are tasted midway. Sweet malts, apple/pear and a wine-like fruitiness rounds out this lovely saison. Really nice drop. It’s much sweeter than most other saisons we’ve tried, almost sugary at times but the balance between the sweetness, the mild oak and the Bretty funk is impeccable. These Danish brewers show their class once again. Solid offering.