To Øl ‘snowball’ white wine barrel aged Saison


imageThis is our first crack at this breweries range, and going off what we keep hearing about them our expectations are high. Straight off the block they’re Danish so there’s a tick already.

Served in a tulip glass the clear golden amber pour produced a big, fluffy 2 finger head that slowly collapsed but persisted at about 5mm. Blotchy lacing is evident down the glass. This aroma has it all, nice funky overtones blend really well with the tart lemon and fruity hops. While the broad fragrance is quite dry there are gorgeous hints of sweet malt, candied sugar and spice that give this aroma brilliant depth and character. The mouth feel is quite dry and frothy with medium-high carbonation. The body is quite light on and it’s actually pleasantly surprising considering it’s at 8% ABV, although it may have something to do with the refermentation with “milk acid bacterias”. Upfront the flavour displays vibrant bitterness with hints of zesty citrus and pine. The mid-palate takes on a more sour, funky approach which delivers a tart, citrusy finish with lingering hints of booze and bittering hops. Well, for our first attempt at this brewery we’re impressed. A lot to like about this saison and if their range of beers offer this much character then we’ll keep coming back for sure. Very nice.