Treehouse Brewing ‘Very Green’ Double IPA


40875960_947020942148718_4725986784779960320_n“This classic Tree House Double IPA is created with a massive kettle and dry hop punch of Australian and American hops. ¬†It opens in the glass with huge notes of ripe pineapple, pithy citrus, and dank saturated hops. As it warms it shows its depth and complexity. . . Sweet bits of malt intermingle with straight Tropicana. It has a soft but pointed bitterness and a rich, velvety mouth feel. She drinks much like Green, but with more of everything to love – including a greater potential to get carried away. ¬†Proceed with caution!”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Super cloudy yellow complexion, really takes on that breakfast juice aspect. It holds a persistent three finger crown which dispenses a thick soapy lace as we imbibe.

Aroma: Again, it’s all about that brekky juice – pineapple, mango, guava, apple and orange. Stonefruit and apricot overtones along with some subtle grapefruit cutting through as well, a bit pithy in its delivery. Some dankness, maybe some creamy notes, light florals and a suggestion of oats and grainy malt at the base. The full package!

Flavour: A straight up juice bomb! Waves of creamy pineapple, guava and citrus wash over and make way for a somewhat dank and pithy middle. The grapefruit notes ramp up the citric bitterness before it shifts in to a smooth finish with plenty of floral peach, earthy apricot and rockmelon on the back palate. Decent length too, really going the distance!

Mouth feel: Creamy but also quite dry and pithy. The 8.3% ABV provides a nice warmth on the palate with an assertive bitterness in the swallow. Medium body.

Overall: We’ve tried our fair share of NEIPA’s and although a lot of them are good this one is in a class of its own. Anything from Tree house is as rare as hens teeth as they only sell them from the cellar door in Charlton, Massachusetts but luckily we have a mate who was willing to send some to us! Brilliant drop.