Tuatara ‘A shot in the dark’ London Porter


tuatara_londonPorter“Our Porter has plenty of chocolate and roast malts to provide lots of body and a healthy shade of dark. Best served how the Poms like it; flat and a few degrees warmer.”

We concur whole heatedly my good Sir. We do bang on about it quite a lot but the darker the beer the warmer it should be before consuming. We press on…..served in an English pint. Nice dense black pour with no penetration of light through the body. Topping it off is a tanned 1 and a half finger cap that reduces slightly but holds firm at about 5-6mm. Good head retention which allows for healthy lace trails to cling to the glass. Quite restrained on the nose initially. As it warms some robust chocolate, cocoa, coffee and earthy malts come forward with a delicate fusion of red currants and pomegranate. Slightly creamy with a hint of lactose which is being cleverly masked by a suggestion of vanilla. Very palate-friendly and super smooth in the mouth with mild carbonation and light-medium body. No grip at all, just slides down beautifully. The palate is met with a light bitterness underneath gentle roasted malts and sweet berries/fruits. Hints of bread and a subtle spicy aspect form through the mid as the bitterness resurges leading to a dry finish with a nice roast on the back end. Length is OK, the dry bitterness does like to hang on the tongue between sips. Only a modest 5% ABV. Look, it’s nothing memorable but it has got the basics right that’s for sure. Easy drinking porter but we won’t be rushing back for a 2nd.