Tuatara pilsner


tutatara_bohemianPilsner“Everyone loves a good Pilsner and this one’s a New Zealand classic with an authentic Czech yeast that throws the bitterness forward and enhances the malt.”

This brewery would have to be one of the best in NZ and it’s shown through the awards their beers consistently receive, picking up bronze, silver and gold from competitions such as the Australian international beer awards, Hong Kong international beer awards and the brewers guild of New Zealand awards. Served in to a flute glass the clear straw-golden appearance whips up a bit of a frenzy as the head rises to about 3 fingers before reducing to a fine covering. Solid head retention and lacing. Very mellow aroma with a good lashing of tropical fruity Kiwi hops. Slightly vinous, bready malts, grain husks and herbs also shine through quite nicely. Nice, well-rounded mouth feel with good grip on the tongue. Medium body and mild-medium carbonation. Quite a punchy hop bitterness upfront that eases into some cerealy/grainy malts through the mid. A delicious citrus zestiness develops and carries forward and finishes fairly dry with a firm lingering bitterness. Definitely a new world version of a pilsner here as the hop content is very well represented. At a modest 5% it’s a very sessionable beer, would be great on a hot day with a big seafood platter. Another cracker from Tuatara.