Žywiec Baltic porter


image“Zywiec Porter, pronounced “je-vi-ets”, is a dark, strong beer brewed according to the traditional recipe from 1881, with the Munich malt and special malts for caramel and color plus the highest quality aromatic hops. Everything together creates a unique combination of taste. Production of this Porter was moved to Bracki Bowar in 2004 .”

Picked this Baltic porter up from Dan Murphy’s, the pilsner is the only other beer we have tried from these Polish brewers so not much is known about these brewers on our behalf. Poured from the bottle into a tulip glass. Our eyes are met with a cola-like body with a 1 finger beige cap that peeled off quickly to a collar. No head retention and very minimal lacing is the result. Aroma was actually quite sweet. We haven’t tried many Baltic porters before so it could be the type of malts used. We also pick up licorice, molasses, dark chocolate and roasted malts coming through. Medium carbonation. Full bodied with a smooth, creamy mouth feel. Initially we picked up sweet malts, chocolate and espresso. An alcohol warmth opens up through the mid as suggestions of coffee and chocolate lead to the boozy and slightly syrupy finish that lingers on the back end. Good depth and duration. Plenty of flavour and the 9% ABV adds to it. We’re pleasantly surprised. If this is what Baltic porters are like we’re going to indulge in a few more. Good porter.