Endeavour ‘2012 reserve’ amber ale


imageOur 2nd installment for this brewery. Poured into a shaker glass, the pour is displaying an amber/brown appearance with a compacted white head that swells to about a finger in height before slowly collapsing away leaving no head at all. No lacing whatsoever. Aroma shows a mild crystal malt-driven character with hints of nuts, fig, toffee, spice and brown sugar. Mild-medium carbonation with low bitterness. Slightly silky mouth feel with average body. Bordering on being too thin. The taste mirrors the aroma with a malt driven palate. Slightly earthy hints of biscuit, nuts and caramel outdo what little hops come through. A touch of citrus comes in late but has no real effect. Pretty average length. At 5.2% ABV we were hoping for a bit more oomph but it simply wasn’t there. We can’t work out what this beer is missing but what we can be certain of is that we’ve had plenty of better amber ales.