4 Pines Brewing Co ‘In Season’ IPA


19060180_705768822940599_7001504137756714912_n“Dank, punchy, resinous hops are all-time, but they deteriorate fast with age. We change our hop varieties every season, so that only the best,
freshly harvested hops from around the globe are in your glass.”

Served in an IPA glass. Pours a bright golden amber hue with brilliant clarity. It only manages to prop up a short white head that reduces to a ring. Nice lace work considering the lack of retention as well.
The nose is super clean and refreshing with tangerine, candied lemon and pine needles leading out. There’s something a little creamy about it which kind of reminds us of key lime pie. Some stone fruit notes coming through – peach and nectarines come to mind. Not getting much in the way of malt, very hop forward (but you won’t head is complain about that!)
It’s uber approachable in the mouth. Nice effortless progression with light-moderate body. The texture is a bit lean and the Co2 is average. Could do with a bit more body.
Lovely crisp hop bitterness pairs up with grapefruit, orange and pine needle on the fore. Getting a somewhat floral honey sweetness midway, whether that’s the malt coming through or not we’re uncertain. Easy transfer back in to the citrusy hops which deliver a dry, piney and fruity finish on a length.
Decent overall beer in our opinion but it’s lacking a bit of wow factor. We like the session ability it offers but again, as it warms it seems to lose a lot of its texture and becomes a little watery. Definitely some positives but unfortunately a few negatives as well.