5 Barrel Brewing 2017 Imperial Stout


21192968_742416079275873_3736388087475583771_n“Imperial Stouts are to be savoured entirely. They are strong and rich with big roasty flavours and sweet, malty bodies to balance out the alcohol. Our Imperial Stout is brewed in January and aged on oak for 4 months to absorb the flavours of the barrel and mature slowly. The strong coffee/chocolate flavours work wonderfully with the plum and raisin qualities from the Shiraz. The body is full and rich, clinging to the glass and providing a sweet stickiness giving the hint that you’re sipping a wonderfully warming port.”

Served in a snifter. This bad boy pours like engine oil with a short brown head forming on top. It’s quick to reduce to a halo which posts a consistent set of rings as we indulge.
Big charred notes on the nose. In support are firm wafts of wet ash, dark chocolate, heavily roasted malts, molasses, cocoa and vanilla. Getting subtle hints of plum jam, licorice and gingerbread with a dank grassy note around the edges. Quite a complex little number.
The flavour really embraces the rich dark chocolate, coffee and charred malts. There’s a very subtle woody note that entertains the spicy licorice and molasses which in effect brings on the warming alcohol (9.6% ABV). A short burst of vanilla is introduced as it finishes rich, boozy and roasty with hints of plums and subtle dark fruits in the tail.
Although it’s big in flavour and aroma the mouth feel is oily and astringent with a firm bitterness developing late. Medium body, mild-moderate co2.
She’s a little rough around the edges but ultimately it’s a decent imperial stout. We’ve locked a few of these away so hopefully so hopefully they will settle down and drink like boozy liquid chocolate in a couple more years! Until then…