5 Barrel Brewing BA Golden Sour


45041836_973455586171920_7701176859114864640_n“Barrel Aged Sours are here! Two years in the making, this range of sours have been sitting in a variety of oak barrels, quietly evolving and developing their own unique characters and personalities. It is been an absolute pleasure to sample and observe how each barrel (not just beer) changes over time.”

Glassware: Stemmed tulip.

Appearance: Nice bright golden body with a wispy overlay. It forms a loose ring around the rim with hardly any lace as we hook in.

Aroma: We’re getting a good dose of lemon and lime leading out. They’re supported by a neat little hint of orange sherbet, cheese, a good amount of funk and lovely oak tannins. Just a flutter of vinegar creeping in as well. That’s a cracking aroma and super impressive as we’re pretty sure this is their first attempt at barrel aging sours.

Flavour: Kind of loses a bit of that vibrancy it was showing on the nose. The lemon, lime, cheese and barrel complexity is there but it’s lacking the sourness and overall funk we’re looking for in the style. It does have a real effortless progression we’ll give it that…flows nicely in to the slightly dry and citrusy finish.

Mouthfeel: Brilliant, on par with some of the world class American sours we’ve been indulging in lately. It’s light, sparkling and uber crisp. Mild-moderate body.

Overall: We can’t help but feel that if the flavour had more depth this could have been up there with some of Australia’s best sours. In saying that it could very easily pass as a top shelf entry level sour though. Respectable drop.