8 wired brewing co. Saison sauvin


imageSo we heard 8 wired were doing a saison so it was instantly on our ‘must try’ list. What’s better is this is a new world version of the traditional saison style as opposed to the lighter ABV saisons drunk by French and Belgian farmers back in the 1800’s.

Poured into a wide-rimmed tulip glass the colour of the body displayed a cloudy orange with a big fluffy 2 finger crown. Good head retention. Laced well. Nelson sauvin and Motueka hops are providing the refreshing IPA-like aromas of grapefruit, tangy orange, lemon and a hint of subtle spice. After a few minutes the slightly dry and funky scents of old yeast, malt and esters open up to add some depth and complexity to the nose. Medium-high carbonation with a dry mouth feel. Off the first sip we were met with what felt like a huge IBU count on the tongue. To our surprise though it was only at 50. The bitterness subsides mid-palate and the tangy fruit flavours come through. The nice long dry finish is providing good length on the tongue. We thought the Nelson Sauvin hops were showcased really well in this saison. Really bitter, hoppy and lively. Not really 8 wired’s best work but it’s still good.