8 Wired ‘Stone Free’ Hoppy sour Apricot ale


imageGlass: Poured into a shaker

Appearance: Hay/yellow coloured with a bubbly 10mm head that fades quickly leaving just a soapy rim. There is moderate carbonation seen through the haze.

Aroma: Subdued doughy yeast, some mild grassy hops like what would be used in a lager, mild funk, lemon and wine.

Flavour: Opens up with zesty lemon and apricot. Remains dry on the palate with a little bit of sweetness from the fruit. We get that mild funk from the yeast, basically like a modern day kombucha. It’s akin to a light reisling.

Mouthfeel: As we stated, the dryness is there but it is matched by subtle sweetness and some creaminess. We note the use of oats and lactose. Moderate carbonation here. Alcohol content is 4.5% and as expected is pretty wafer thin on the palate, of which enables frequent yet limited gulps due to carbonation.

Overall: Not memorable. In saying that, we have a huge respect for 8 Wired. We know the brewer is very skilled and this is just a nice sour ale.