Amager Bryghus X Modern Times ‘Black Nordic Skies’ Coffee Imperial Stout


“The Lone Horseman is a ghostly phantom found in tales throughout the Nordic countries. According to legend, he will appear only on the darkest of nights and only when the polar lights ignite the skies. A knight in shining armor on a majestic bright white horse it is said, but no one really knows. Because no one has lived to tell. At Amager you risk meeting The Lone Horseman on the desolate and windswept Kalvebod Commons, if for some godforsaken reason you should wander this wilderness area on a deep, dark night. If you do, you’ll most likely be hopelessly lost, because even the bright lights of nearby Copenhagen will be dimmed to black out there. And if you then hear the distant snorting of a horse and hooves slowly approaching, you may soon spy a gentle, gallant and soft-spoken knight who will offer you a ride out of the darkness and back into civilization. And as tempting as it may seem to accept his kind offer, you must now instead flee. Flee as fast as you can. But it will most likely already be too late, as that kind and mesmerizing voice will lure you in. But no one who actually climbed the The Lone Horseman’s horse under that black Nordic sky, has ever been seen again alive. Who he is, nobody knows; but that he’s still out there, everybody knows.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: As black as midnight with a short brown head which quickly dissolves. It settles at the rim and leaves a cascading lace as we go.

Aroma: We’re all about this as it’s not focussing so hard on the coffee. We LOVE coffee but any old part time brewer can add coffee to a Stout and immediately make it better. Here, the base Stout has just as much of a say and it talks big; heavily roasted malts, licorice, molasses, dark chocolate, ash, marzipan, burnt brown sugar and oatmeal. The beautiful coffee accents just compliment the already magnificent aroma.

Flavour: This just oozes class. Upfront we’re getting a delicious sweetness that wasn’t presenting itself on the nose. It’s kinda sugary, vanilla-esque and it cuts through the big and meaty roasted malts like a knife through soft butter. The coffee, as delicious as it is, only plays a support role for the rich molasses, licorice, ash, chocolate and roasted nutty characters that march through the mid and continue through to the indulgent finish.

Mouthfeel: Dense, luscious and oily. Medium-full body, low-ish Co2. 10.7% ABV is fairly noticeable but adds to the sheer size of it.

Overall: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… we’re proper fanboys of Amager. Love their beers, love the artwork and love the clever descriptions. Just an all round world class brewery