Bacchus Brewing Co. Belgian Mocha Stout


16939147_654142531436562_3453829080002206976_n“Carefully selected coffee beans are cold steeped late in the brewing process at a rate of 10g/L to ensure maximum flavour. We then balance with an infusion of the finest chocolate.”

Served in a beer tulip. The pour offers an impenetrable black complexion with a quickly reducing head. All that is left is a solitary island floating in the middle. Obviously no lacing to speak of.
Oh yeah, we get a nose-full of those gorgeous raw coffee beans straight off the bat. The hefty dark malts play a major role in the make up of the aroma as well, really amping up the chocolate notes to the point where it smells like we’ve just opened up a bag of chocolate coated coffee beans. A soft creamy vanilla and lactose note also punches in with divine aromas of affogato. Very decadent on the nose.
It holds a nice weight in the mouth – not overly heavy with that hallmark Bacchus Co2 which is slightly lifted to give a more vibrant feel. Becoming a little dry as it hits the back palate. Surprisingly approachable.
The flavour rolls on from the aroma with that earthy and slightly bitter raw coffee bean up front. Again, a lovely balance is struck between the two, resulting in this absolutely delicious affogato-like flavour that carries in to the finish with hints of a dry and somewhat burnt chocolate note on the rear.
Simple…but mighty effective. That flavour fusion of coffee and chocolate alone is enough to make our olfactory’s and taste buds sing! But it’s really the addition of the creamy vanilla and an easy going palate the make for, yet again, another excellent beer from Bacchus. Take a bow fellas.