Bacchus Brewing Co ‘Hyperspatial Espresso’ Coffee Stout


image“Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy themed beer. Named after the hyperspatial express route through our star system that resulted in the demolition of earth. Made with the finest coffee beans for a true espresso experience.”

Served in a snifter. We’re met with an impassable black pour that can only generate a short tan head. It reduces to a ring which struggles to produce any lace at all.
Bam! That espresso aroma jumps out of the glass and smacks us in the face. Exactly what we’d want it to do after a big night out. It’s bitter and earthy but there’s a subtle creamy accent that’s pulling the coffee in to line. Milk sugars, vanilla bean and marzipan combine to offer that excellent counter balance.
Medium body and a slightly raised co2 with the 7.8% ABV well masked. Surprisingly effortless over the tongue finishing strong on a light sparkle.
The coffee comes on to the front palate nicely albeit a little less forthcoming as the aroma. It’s softened by a discernible hop bitterness and a super subtle cherry fruit tartness. The coffee gets a second wind mid way and carries well in to the dry, toasty and espresso-fuelled finish. Some excellent length shown on the back end here.
We’d admit it’s one of those beers that shows so much potential but seems to be missing the knockout blow. The coffee component is displayed brilliantly there’s no disputing that, we found the viscosity was a bit too light on and the depth of the beer a little unconvincing. It’s a decent drop it just didn’t completely blow us away.