Bacchus Brewing Co ‘Mini Fruits’ NE Pale Ale


22730239_763820350468779_7790004537971138194_n “The New England style of pale ale is brewed with low bitterness but still uses a huge amount of hops. Varieties used are added late in the brewing process to promote a tropical, juicy sweetness with out bitterness. The beers are generally hazy from proteins & yeast accentuating the full & creamy mouth feel.”

Served in a shaker. We kept most of the settled yeast in the bottle so this NE pale ale pours a reasonably clear amber colour with a big and fizzy three finger head. It settles to a fine overlay that laced well.
We’re getting a lovely blend of tropical and citrus fruits on the nose – kind of has this fruit salad quality to it. Lots of passion fruit, pineapple and orange with subtle piney notes cutting through. Just a light pale malt at the base that adds a bit of balance.
It hits the taste buds like a good IPA would….fruit-forward, punchy and citric bitter which mellows a little and reveals the subtle grainy malt. This grapefruit acidity carries through the mid and rolls in to a piney and somewhat citrusy finish that unveils a hint of that warming 6.1% ABV in the tail.
Well rounded and pleasant in the mouth. The bitterness is well behaved and the co2 is nice and lively. Mild-medium body.
It wasn’t until we popped the cap that we realised it was a New England pale ale, as opposed to its hugely popular bigger brother (NEIPA). Thing is it drinks with just as much vigour anyway! Very tidy. Another solid offering from Bacchus.