Bacchus Brewing Co. Snickers Chocolate Ale


14666124_579326725584810_3093289848330470885_n“Snickers Chocolate Ale – 500ml (Alc 6.3%). From the first pour you will be hit by the heady aroma of chocolate & peanuts. The flavour doesn’t disappoint, rich caramel, chocolate & salty peanuts blend perfectly in this amazing dessert beer. Formerly called Snickers Amber Ale, we’ve given it a slight name change.”

Served in a beer tulip. Pouring a dark brown with some faint mahogany hues revealed when held to the light. A creamy two finger head assembles on top but it collapses to a fine film with scattered lace being dispersed around the glass. After a few whiffs we’re confident in saying that these guys have nailed the snickers component – front and center are the peanuts while hefty wafts of chocolate, caramel, cocoa and nougat push up in support. Maybe a hint of lactose, hinting at marzipan in its delivery. That’s about it but why would they need anything else when they’ve got this aroma dialed in. Brilliant! In the mouth it’s full and creamy with an interesting little saltiness on the lips. Nice touch. Co2 is bang on. The progression over the tongue is just so smooth and effortless its simply a real pleasure to drink. If there’s only one downside it is that the flavour doesn’t have the same level of impeccable execution as the aroma. This is in no way a negative though as the palate is awash with, chocolate, caramel, nutty malts, cocoa, subtle vanilla and marzipan. Just a very mild bitterness preludes a soft dryness in the finish as the sweet sweet flavour of snickers endures on the back end. Way to set the bar so high there Bacchus! This is only our first crack at this breweries range and…wow…what an initiation. This is just down right delicious. Kudos Bacchus.