Balmain brewing company Original Bock


imageWe love a beer with a bit of rich history. Especially when that history was made in our own back yard. Balmain (the suburb in Sydney where this beer is brewed) is a quaint and trendy little area with plenty of traditional old pubs, once in the mid 1980’s, home to this brewery where this bock was the go to beer for the locals and keen beer drinkers alike to “knock a few back”.

Served in a shaker glass the opaque dark brown pour reveals deep ruby edges when held to the light. Capping it off was a 1 finger tan head that reduced to a thin film that allows for some mild lace trails. Our first thoughts of the aroma are heavily malt driven with a delicate berry sweetness. Firm chocolate overtones are backed up by hints of coffee, cocoa, nutmeg, cherry and toast. Maybe an underlying touch of peat in here too. Nice. In the mouth it’s silky smooth with low carbonation. Moderately bodied. The taste is quite similar to the nose with a solid malty front palate. Chocolate and light hints of dark fruits and spice are followed by a subtle smokiness through the mid. The finish is light and dry with a roasty back end which lingers nicely. Good duration on the tongue. 5.5% ABV. Pretty good bock here, and to be honest between this, the pilsner and the pale ale this would have to be their best. Decent drop.