Balter ‘Dazy’ DIPA


032BCD4C-3D66-41CE-92CB-F4379B89909CGlassware: Poured into a pint glass to extract all the goodness of this 500ml can, and to get a good look as to whether this beer is ‘hazy’.

Appearance: Pours a lovely dark yellow, with a finger width white head that retains well at half a finger. It’s definitely hazy but not like a turbid NEIPA standard. There is plenty of carbonation seen. Thick lacing like soap is seen stuck to the glass.

Aroma: As the can says, “fleshy fruit flavours, spicy alcohol and an undercurrent of bitterness”. We can definitely smell stone fruits such as peach and tropical sweetness such as passion fruit and mango, with pine, red grapefruit, and citrus. There is a subtle spicy aroma also like pepper. Alcohol is well hidden amongst the fruity goodness.

Flavour: First sip reminds me that I’m drinking a tasty double IPA. The bitterness is low and intermixed with some caramels from the malt, a touch of booze heat but again well contained, and the backbone of more tropical fruit as described above, alongside some sweet grapefruit, orange peel and pine resin that gives it that spice like quality. Very drinkable.

Mouthfeel: for 8% alc vol it’s well hidden. Again bitterness is subdued allowing for a decent gulp, and the carbonation doesn’t hinder the experience. Great length on the palate. Body is moderate to full. As we near the end of the glass the alcohol is registering on the brain.

Overall: we tried at GABS 2019 and whilst we didn’t give it a 5/5, on a fresh palate, it’s a decent and enjoyable offering. We have been drinking so many NEIPA’s lately that to go back to a well brewed DIPA is refreshing. 1 is definitely enough on your own, otherwise a looming headache is likely. Another well brewed Balter beverage. P.S…apologies for crushed can.