Beachwood Blendery ‘Little Secrets” BA Belgian Sour w Raspberries


51191950_1028963207287824_958138312462172160_n“Belgian style sour ale with raspberries and dry-hopped with galaxy and mosaic.”

Glassware: Stemmed tulip.

Appearance: It hits the glass with that gorgeous rosy pink hue. A very fine head is formed which snaps back to a collar. Little lace left behind as we go.

Aroma: The olfactory’s are filled with bright floral perfumes, raspberry, watermelon, subtle lemon, minty herbs, peach and a hint of fresh oak. It’s amazing how little funk there is and it’s even more amazing how much it reminds us of a raspberry and mint gravlax. Just the slightest suggestion of strawberry sherbet in there too. Very nice.

Flavour: Now we know where all the funk in the aroma got to…it’s here! Really nice punchy sourness integrates with the natural tartness of the raspberry and vinegary notes upfront. Mint, mixed berries, lemon and a touch of tropical fruits roll in to the slightly funky finish with lingering red grape and raspberry on the rear.

Mouthfeel: Plenty of pucker. Somewhat dry with good acidity. Light-moderate body and a nice spritziness. Very refreshing!

Overall: We’ve really been enjoying this cheeky little shipment of Beachwood. They’ve all been classy and very elegant offerings. We’ll certainly be on the hunt for more!