Blackhorse Brewhouse New World Ale


12321609_458919564292194_4717033152430928484_n“New Zealand is the land of the long white cloud and flavourful hops. This New Zealand style pale ale uses Dr Rudi, Pacifica and Motueka hops to produce a punchy, but a highly drinkable beer.”

Served in a shaker glass. The bright amber hue offers pretty good clarity. Our slightly aggressive pour could only manage to prop up a finger of tightly held micro bubble which eventually retreats to a thin sheet on top. Laced poorly. Quite sweet on the nose. Very artificial-like with scents of candied kiwi fruit, passion fruit, lychee, citrus, eucalyptus drops and a sweet honey malt backing. The hop bill is made up of a trio of New Zealand’s finest- Dr Rudi, Pacifica and Motueka- which explains the somewhat candied/sugary aromas. Not bad, only downside is that it does become a little cloying. There’s a nice, vibrant texture happening in the mouth. The Co2 is medium, the IBU sits at a mild 30 and the body is mild-medium. Nothing overly aggressive, just a light, effervescent and super smooth feel. Sessional on all fronts. The palate is very similar to the aroma in the sense of sweet, sugary fruits blending with the honeyed malts. Not a whole lot of depth or movement in terms of flavours with the same combination upfront carrying across the middle and finishing with a dry, vinous character on the back end. Maybe a herbaceous note also coming through but it ends there. This isn’t a bad beer at all we just feel as if the foundations have been done but it’s missing the finishing piece it needs to be an even better beer. Although, that being said, we would return for another one.