Boatrocker Brewing Co ‘Saison du Bateau’ Saison


17952510_680292878821527_6695227122620903019_n“This is Saison du Bateau, a pretty straightforward take on the French / Belgian farmhouse style that’s on fairly wide release, the other Gaston that you’ll find elsewhere on the site. Du Bateau is a pale golden, slightly hazy affair that offers up an array of pilsner malt sweetness, some citrus aromas and plenty of spicy characters from the yeast – both of the peppery and clove varieties – before finishing with a prickly dryness. Or, as the brewery puts it: “A line and length saison”.

Served in a beer tulip. Hazy, light amber body that’s capped off with a healthy three finger head. It steadily reduced eventually establishing a rocky overlay that deposits a thick, soapy lace down the walls of the glass.
Nice dry, yeasty aroma with minimal funk and plenty of uplift from the citric acidity. We’re getting a good impression of yeasty/spicy phenols that are somewhat medicinal in its delivery. Banana runts, peach and subtle hints of pear and pepper also get a look in. All in all a very traditional and highly aromatic nose.
Quite light on and fizzy in texture with elevated Co2 and a mild drying bitterness (30 IBU). Very well hidden alcohol content (6.4%) we must say. Mild-medium body. A pleasant little quaffer so far.
Delicious blend of bubblegum, spice and fruit esters upfront. A touch of that barnyard funk/horse blanket is introduced midway. It progresses with mild citrus and angostura bitters before it finishes on a crisp, fruity note with good length in the tail.
Immensely enjoyable saison here. Nothing too outlandish, just hitting the right notes all the way through. Loving the crisp and refreshing feel of the beer, certainly opens itself up to be a solid summer quencher. One we could surely return to.