Bottle Logic Brewing ‘Ocularity’ Double IPA


35228543_869667159884097_7824067852117213184_n“A piney and resinous Double IPA made with Chinook, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops.”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Hazy amber/orange with two fingers of white foamy head over the top. Decent retention and lots of lace clinging to the glass as it ebbs.

Aroma: Aaahhhh a good old pine bomb! Like the IPA’s of yesteryear. Layer upon layer of weedy pine resins, tropical fruits (mango, passion fruit, paw paw, lychee), zingy orange peel, some citrus notes like grapefruit, tangerine and mandarin. The malt backing is quite sweet – some caramel/honey with a touch of buttery biscuits. A traditional West Coast IPA!

Flavour: Lots of zesty and zingy orange citrus to the fore. The booze is rather aggressive in its delivery, bringing the cocktail fruits along with it. Sharp notes of pine needle, grapefruit and mild white pepper roll in to the dry and super bitter finish which reveals more of that warming booze (9% ABV) and acidic citrus at the back end.

Mouthfeel: Crisp, aggressive and extremely bitter (100 IBU). Medium body and co2. Definitely feeling the heat from the ABV as well.

Overall: In this era of the “haze craze” we must admit it is refreshing to rewind back to the gold old days. Ocularity offers that quintessential west coast IPA character – the booze, the bitterness and the almost palate wrecking aggression. Love it!