Bridge Road ‘B2 Bomber – Mach 11.5’ BA Imperial Belgian Black IPA


“Here is the inaugural bottle release of our barrel-aged B2 variant for 2021.We took our B2 Bomber Mach 11, a black Belgian double IPA, and aged it in Corowa Whisky barrels for six months.
The hop punch of the original beer has mellowed, and the warming influence of whisky intertwines with soft oak and vanilla notes.”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Black pour with a sturdy two finger brown head resting on top. Excellent retention and thick rings mark each sip as it subsides.

Aroma: Rich and complex. The black IPA base is just out in front at the moment with its classic fusion of heavily roasted malts balanced by the piney and citrusy American hops. The whiskey component has been integrated really well – nicely tempered and the kinda sweet, caramelised and vanilla-laden scents blend back in beautifully. Just a hint of oak and some fiery warmth to round it out. *Rubs hands with excitement*

Flavour: It comes on with serious vigour. Though we’re surprised as we’re sat back waiting for the booze burn and general shock to the senses that a 10% ABV beer usually brings…but it never comes. It’s astonishingly smooth even though the whiskey is rather prominent upfront. The lightly roasted malts dominate the mid palate with the piney and citrusy hops tailing in late. Then the whiskey and roasted malt return for the nicely drawn out finish.

Mouthfeel: Super slick, oily and gelatinous. Mild-moderate Co2, medium body. The 10% ABV is fairly well behaved for its size.

Overall: Well it looks like Bridge Rd are officially back. After a couple of years of Co2 and quality issues this brilliant annual release looks set to make a return to our cellars. Big and warming and equally satisfying.