Bridgeport ‘kingpin’ double red ale


Bridgeport kingpin double red ale“Feared by some, cheered by many.” These are the few words printed on to this stylish label. As we have tried this beer many times before, we can honestly say this beer lives up to it’s modest name. The kingpin is dead right as there is no better double red ale on the market. Is it any wonder they took out the silver medal in the 2011 Australian international beer awards? Anyway we’ll stop blowing their horn and get on with the review.

We served in a shaker glass. This extremely alluring deep ruby red appearance knocks up a short off-white cap that peels off to a collar with a very fine covering on top. Laced quite well despite the diminishing head. Now, on to this gorgeous aroma that gets us every time. A good dose of triple-hopping and the use of spicy rye malts give off a deceiving IPA-like aroma with citrus-driven fruits being detected initially. Once that mellows the sweeter, nutty malts come forward bringing with them a good balance of caramel, honeysuckle, toffee and minerals. Solid stuff. In the mouth it’s silky smooth with an oily texture. Carbonation levels are low and the body is about medium. The flavour profile is a little slow out of the gates but develops a nice, malty sweet character that builds with a mild alcohol warmth (7.5%) an assertive hop bitterness early in the mid. Hints of toffee, bready malts and rye spice carry forward and deliver a dry, bitter finish with some faint citrus notes on the back end. Good duration. Yep, just as we remember it, full flavoured and surprisingly sessional. Damn fine brew this, kudos to the brewers. We love it!!